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Hello! Welcome to Pulsebell



Pulsebell.com website owned by Pulsebell corporation LTD. based in Toronto ON Canada. Pulsebell.com is a wbsite to chat share stories form different people all over the world so they all share what they know and chat what ever in there mind freely with no and with out any possible liability or liabilities for and from all parties either the Pulsebell or the quests and this is all stated in the terms and conditions that all guests sharing and logged in.

Pulsebell.com is a website that any one could chat about his own disease and talk in any language and in any way and at any direction, so it will allow for people to share there ideas experience recommendation and even feelings.

It will help all people to understand more about each other and help each other and talk and listen to each other, in a very simple way and easy chat. Its not at all a medical site or medical idea.

Its not at any way a medical recommendation, its only talking and chatting . People will get benefited from the ideas and feelings they have about the same disease and its defiant will help all guests some how to listen and hear from each other. The Pulsebell Management Plusebell LTD.